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UBC’s Department of Materials Engineering has a long history of bringing simulation and numerical modelling techniques to materials processing. The new Master of Engineering Leadership (MEL) in Advanced Materials Manufacturing degree builds on this strength, providing students with the opportunity to gain new technical knowledge and skills through a combination of courses on advanced simulation techniques and the fundamentals of processing metals and composites.

The program also includes a course where we will examine case studies in advanced materials manufacturing, giving students perspective on what is possible in the advanced design and simulation space with regards to materials processing.

These technical courses are balanced with business and leadership courses, so that students can acquire the skills they need to take on new roles in their career as they move beyond a purely technical focus to manage teams.

I will be helping teach the Advanced Simulation and Modelling Tools for Materials Manufacturing course. My research background is in materials processing and manufacturing, with a particular focus on casting. I’ve developed high-volume processes for the automotive industry and worked in primary metal manufacturing to develop parts for the automotive and aerospace industries. I look for ways to improve processes through small incremental changes, which, given the high volume nature of these industries, can result in significant benefits and cost savings.

This program will be of great interest to those who have backgrounds in materials engineering or mechanical engineering and one to five years in manufacturing or product design. Our students will deepen their technical knowledge and gain leadership skills — making them highly sought after in this rapidly evolving industry.


Dr. Daan Maijer received his BASc and PhD in Metals and Materials Engineering from the University of British Columbia in 1994 and 1999, respectively. He is currently the director of the Integrated Engineering Program and has been named the new head of the Department of Materials Engineering at UBC. As one of the principal researchers in the Materials Processing Group, his research aims to develop insight into the industrial processes used to transform metals – in particular, casting processes – to improve product quality and process productivity. This research often involves the development of mathematical models that capture the complex physical phenomena active in these processes and relies on laboratory experiments and/or plant trials to provide the data necessary for model development and validation. Dr. Maijer’s research is industry-oriented and has led to collaborations with companies within Canada (Alcan International Ltd., Canadian Autoparts Toyota Inc., and Timminco Ltd.) and abroad (Corus, Titanium Metals Corp. and The Timken Co.).

Advanced Materials Manufacturing

Advanced Materials Manufacturing

Develop new technical and business skills and accelerate your career in this rapidly moving field.

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