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Dr. Judy Lynam was the inaugural Program Director for the MHLP. Her vision allowed for the creation of this truly unique and innovative program. She continues to provide guidance and mentorship to the program faculty.

Students in this new graduate program will deepen their knowledge of the wide range of seniors’ physical, environmental, social and clinical health care needs and will be looking at senior-specific care in a range of contexts in both the public and private sector. Students will gain knowledge of how to tailor care to the unique needs of this population in home and community settings, as well as acute and residential settings that specialize in the care of seniors.

Graduates will also learn how to manage operations in a diverse array of contexts, exploring best practices for delivering care while also achieving optimal operations.

This combination of seniors care and organizational knowledge is what makes this program so unique. Our students’ learning will be enriched by an interdisciplinary emphasis, which includes taking business and leadership courses alongside students in the Master of Engineering Leadership program.

Leaders must have the capacity to engage with the policies that shape their practice. Students in this program will learn how to analyze policy and put forward position statements so they can lead in forums where seniors’ voices are often hidden. They will also be equipped to set policy and ensure better practice standards.

The School of Nursing has a strong commitment to research, underpinned by a deep desire to understand the full range of influences on health, including those conditions that produce inequities in health. Our students will benefit from this broader thinking about what influences seniors’ health outcomes as they learn alongside talented scholars like Dr. Jennifer Baumbusch – the new Program Director for MHLP – and Dr. Alison Phinney, who are recognized for their expertise in this field.

This program welcomes health professionals who want to shape the future of seniors care. Nurses, social workers, occupational therapists, nurse practitioners, physicians and other health care providers will benefit from the experience. Professionals with three or more years of practice in their field with experience in seniors care will build their baseline of knowledge while growing their technical and leadership skills.


Dr. Judith Lynam has an overriding interest in understanding the conditions that contribute to inequities in health and in exploring ways these can be addressed through practice and education. Over the past two decades she has worked in partnership with community-based organizations and health professionals in an effort to make health care more responsive to the needs of different groups within communities. Most recently, Dr. Lynam has been instrumental in introducing social pediatrics as a solution to meet the health needs of Vancouver’s most vulnerable children. She has worked in partnership with community groups and colleagues in medicine, nursing and health care administration to research the RICHER practice initiative. Insights on system transformation from this research have been drawn upon to inform the design of the new MHLP degree in Seniors Care. Dr. Lynam has held a number of leadership positions in national and provincial organizations concerned with professional education and practice.

Seniors Care

Seniors Care

Move your career forward as a health-care specialist dedicated to improving patient outcomes and fostering the well-being of seniors.

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