UBC MEL MHLP Professional Leadership Master Degrees

Career Services

Our extensive professional development program and career coaching sessions set you up for career success.

As an MEL or MHLP student, you can participate in exclusive professional development and career-coaching workshops. These cover topics from how to deliver a deal-signing pitch to networking with confidence. One-on-one coaching sessions, industry networking events and hands-on workshops enable you to explore your career options and develop the skills to land your dream job and succeed in your career.   

Cover letter, resume writing, interview workshops

A strong cover letter and resume play an essential role in communicating the value you can bring to a prospective employer. Our Employer Relations and Careers Manager offers workshops to provide guidance and strategies to develop powerful application materials, and can also meet with you one-on-one to review your applications. You can also access guidance throughout the year on how to succeed in interviews, effectively negotiate salaries, build your professional network and create effective sales pitches

One-on-one career coaching

Our Employee Relations and Career Manager is here to help you explore your career options so you develop a clear picture of the opportunities ahead. You’ll learn how other MEL and MHLP alumni have used their degrees to advance in their fields and pivot into new roles.

Professional development sessions

Facilitated by industry consultants, these interactive hands-on sessions help you develop your presentation, communication, and networking skills. We typically hold a number of sessions over the program, enabling you to continue building these crucially important professional skills.

Networking events

Throughout the program, we invite industry professionals to conduct informal sessions to discuss their professions, industries and organizations. It’s a great opportunity for students to connect directly with local industry leaders and learn more about potential career directions.

Alumni Association

The MEL & MHLP Alumni Association is a valuable source of information and networking potential. This association in heavily invested in building strong relationships with MEL and MHLP professionals, as well as industry leaders, to raise awareness of the unique value offered by MEL and MHLP graduates to their organizations and industries.

We encourage you to take advantage of the many professional development and career services opportunities available to you as an MEL or MHLP student. Developing your communication, presentation and networking skills puts you in a strong position for advancing your career and being an effective leader.

Learn more about this innovative professional master’s degree from our alumni and the impact that it has on their career, outlook and development.